CEO & Head Coach

Caryn Gillen

Caryn helps coaches bring more "them" to their businesses, have more fun, and make more money! She is a leadership coach, certified as a Co-Active Coach and through The Life Coach School. She holds a degree in Recreation Management with a minor in business, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and has held an Able Bodied Seaman License for her work on commercial vessels from Alaska to Mexico. Caryn bases her practice on the belief that each client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. It is not her job to “fix” anyone, but to partner with them in what they have and to work together to create the result they want. Her coaching approach is a fast, shoot- from-the-hip style, paired with a strong intuition and an ability to hold space for anyone, especially those with immense power. Her Clean Power Leadership Framework was inspired by working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, managing restaurants, organizing and managing the international implementation of an evidenced-based support and training program for foster parents. Her goal is to help leaders lead better - faster - so everyone can sleep better at night.